Izzy Freeman | Photo by Allison Ludtke

Anna Deng | Photo by Justin Surgent

Nathan Ball | Photo by Alexandra Graziano

Victoria Coviello | Photo by Rahmah Pauzi

Rose Ann Yanson | Photo by Alexandra Graziano

Sanna Saddiqui | Photo by Rahmah Pauzi

Alexander Hellmann | Photo by Hannah Cohen

Sadia Islam | Photo by Aaron Wecker

Will Nall | Photo by Justin Surgent

Joseph Ingrao | Photo by Justin Surgent

Alexis Sabol | Photo by Rahmah Pauzi

Photo by Hannah Cohen

Rachele Weintraub | Photo by Jake Hachey

Sagie Madnick | Photo by Aaron Wecker

Stephanie Niles | Photo by Justin Surgent

Mongseyla Touch | Photo by Justin Surgent

Freshmen Portraits |
Photos by the UMass Photojournalism Club
These portraits of freshmen students at UMass are part of an ongoing project by members of the Photojournalism Club. The first trip, to Central, was during the Fall 2011 semester and the second, to Southwest, was during February 2012. The most recent trip was to Northeast during the Fall 2012 semester.